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Super Email Extractor La dernière version 6.32

Super Email Extractor

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Super Email Extractor is an email extractor, is designed to harvest e-mail addresses and user names from web sites using the HTTP protocol. Super Email Extractor does not depend upon any additional software the way many email extractors depend on Internet Explorer and it can work through proxy servers. You can limit the scanning depth and paths. The program is flexible and easy to use. In most cases all that is needed to get results is to enter a valid URL or type several keywords in search bar. Super Email Extractor is a is a professional targeted email extractor tool. With Super Email Extractor, you can easily and quickly build your own business mailing lists. That is you have owned the powerful customers group and powerful competition over your business opponents. The Super Email Extractor is designed to collect email addresses matching specified Search Engine Directory. Just type your directory, Super Email Extractor will spider the directory and extract fresh email addresses that you actually need. The URL address that it can spider including any html, CGI, PHP, ASP page etc. The supported search engines include most of the major search engines such as Google, Lycos, Excite etc. The spider speed is up to 300 emails per minute now. It supports to remove duplicate email addresses automatically. It supports to export email addresses to Text, CSV, TSV and Microsoft Excel files.


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